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Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. Christmas Letter

Keeping with the old tradition of a Christmas or Holiday letter that brings the family up to date on what has been happening in the last year, we would like to offer the following update.

The year started with our team coordinating submissions that were submitted the previous fall, and
The year began with our team focused on the Sharon Springs Capital Project which had been submitted to the NY State Education Department (NYSED) the previous fall. This involved negotiations and coordination with the architects at NYSED to obtain the building permit for this project. At the same time, we worked on several projects that were under construction. These projects were interior renovation projects such as the completion of the thrift shop and food pantry at Divine Mercy Parish. These projects are always good for the cold winter months because we don’t have to worry about the snow.

The late winter and early spring were dominated by attendance at a variety of municipal board meetings and hearings to obtain the permission for projects to be constructed as soon as the weather permitted. We presented more than a dozen projects to a variety of boards and are pleased to say that every one of them were approved and building permits were issued.

With the building permits secured, we spent a great deal of the summer going between various building sites. This part of the year is very, very busy, but also one of the most rewarding times, because we see our designs come to life! Brian Manning, Chief Operating Officer, made a point to make sure that the people in the office who had worked so hard on the drawings during the winter and spring joined him on site to see the results of their efforts.

During 2023, Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. was pleased to assist more than twenty families with their various projects. Each family is unique and these projects provide a wonderful variety of design challenges from small renovations, to entirely new residential buildings. Courtney Stewart, our Interior Designer, in particular worked on a number of interior design projects for our residential clients. This included master suites as well as kitchen and bathroom reconstructions.

As we transitioned from summer to autumn, the race is really on to get as much done as possible before the weather starts to change. One highlight of this fall was Homecoming Weekend at Sharon Springs Central School, where the District dedicated the new athletic facility in honor of our dear friend, Tony DiPace. Another exciting development was the start of construction for the addition to Road to Emmaus Ministry. While this got a bit of a late start, progress is being made at record pace! The work should be more than “out of the ground” before the harsh winter weather arrives and then the rest of the work can take place over the winter.

It has been a very full, fun, and rewarding year for all of us here at Teitsch-Kent-Fay, in addition to all the wonderful professional achievements, there have also been some exciting personal developments in our family. During the summer, Courtney announced her engagement and she is now planning for her upcoming wedding. Somewhat less groundbreaking, but really fun, we have had a number of pet additions to the family. In the late summer Julia Fay, Marketing Specialist, adopted a kitten named Pebbles, and early this fall Brian Manning and his family adopted a kitten named Heidi, both have added greatly to the “cute” level in our updates from home. Dan Fay, President, was excited to add a second Franklin to his car collection. Combining business with pleasure, Keith Berger, Visualization Specialist, became an official member of the Town of Nelson Zoning Board.

We hope all of you have had a wonderful year, and are looking forward to the new year as much as we are!

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