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Brian and Dan’s Birthday

So it is once again time to get those Orange Cupcakes ready, and raise a glass of your favorite, as Brian and Dan turn 56!

As we work our way through April 2022, we approach the 18th, anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride (“twas the eighteenth of April of ‘75 and barely a man is still alive”), as well as the shared birthday of Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. partners Brian A Manning and Daniel Fay.
So it is once again time to get those Orange Cupcakes ready, and raise a glass of your favorite, as Brian and Dan turn 56!

The coincidence of the date of their birth has led to a lot of jokes over the years. The whole “Twins” movie connection has been exploited (I will let you decide who is Arnold Schwarzenegger and who is Danny DeVito). The obvious similarities between the two have raised questions of a shared familial history, and endless discussions have been had as to who is the elder, if you can believe our parents, it is Brian.

From their matching red bib overalls in the 1960’s, to their matching Onondaga Community College diplomas from the Architectural Technology Program at the same time, these two were destined to work together. And of course, given the quiet and calm temperament of both, it has been nothing but sweetness and light from the beginning to this very day.

While the above might have just a tinge of sarcasm, it is true that Brian and Dan each bring different perspectives and strengths to the partnership, and are able to complement and support each other.

Brian tends to focus on the more concrete (pardon the pun) and detail-oriented aspects of the work, bringing clarity and a rigorous practicality to each project. This ensures both “buildability” and “affordability”, always with an eye for an elegant solution. Whereas, Dan tends to be a bit more “big-picture” about things, focusing on conceptual possibilities and holistic solutions. But the nice thing is that both do not limit themselves to these specific areas, and involve themselves in one another's “business” all the time. Their shared history has also resulted in an intuitive “understanding” of the goals of the other, allowing each to provide assistance and support, as well as the occasional breakthrough moment of clarity.

As Simon and Garfunkel sang “memory brushes the same years, silently sharing the same fears.” These two “old friends” continue, truly enjoying the work they are fortunate to be able to do, as well as each other’s company. Happy Birthday Brian and Dan!

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