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A Letter from Dan Fay

Now that 2022 has concluded, our thoughts turn to what the new year holds of us.

Now that 2022 has concluded, our thoughts turn to what the new year holds of us. I’m pleased to say that each member of our office family continues to be well. Brian and I continue to be grateful to all of our clients for allowing us to practice our vocation, and learn about the specific qualities that make each client and project unique and exciting.

Brian’s work in business development has grown several of our markets: residential, commercial, and municipal projects. He is currently working on a couple of residential addition/alteration projects, as well as projects for Marquardt Switches here in Cazenovia and Broome Public Library in Binghamton. Several pending municipal proposals make the coming year seem very promising indeed.

Courtney has continued to develop and expand our Interior Design services. She spent the past summer working closely with our interns to improve our imaging abilities, as well as bringing in several residential projects with significant interior design scopes. She continues to grow as a project manager, building on the success she had at St. Francis of Assisi in Chenango Forks. Courtney is currently heavily involved in coordinating several submissions to the New York State Education Department.

Keith continues to develop his technical as well as his project managerial skills. Interacting with a number of our residential clients. He has been able to manage several projects from schematic design through construction. These interactions have been mutually beneficial with the clients realizing their dreams, and Keith continuing to grow and expand his skills.

Julia has taken our marketing forward in many ways, including the development of the newsletter you are reading. Her assistance with social media, as well as interpreting the accompanying analytical data has proven profoundly useful allowing us to focus our efforts to be more effective.

I am truly enjoying watching each of these talented professionals grow and develop. It is a source of real joy to be able to assist each member of our family as they express their creativity and realize their potential. It is also quite contagious, as the energy and enthusiasm that exists within the office reaffirms and recharges my own love of what we do.

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