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@tkfarchitects on Social Media

Almost 3 years ago, Teitsch Kent Fay Architects, P.C. brought on a marketing specialist and stepped into the world of social media.

We have four different social media channels that we have worked to grow over the years. We utilize Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage with customers in unique ways. Each of these platforms feature different content to engage with different kinds of audiences in the best way possible.

Our Instagram account, @tkfarchitects, features images of projects as they are completed and serves to document the architectural process in images. We also post interactive polls on our story to engage with our audience. The goal of our Instagram content is to connect with other individuals who might need architectural assistance which Teisch Kent Fay Architects, P.C provides.

Our Twitter channel has grown steadily over the years, now nearing almost 800 followers. The content we post on our Twitter account consists of architecture articles, words of the day, and celebration posts for holidays. The majority of our content utilizes graphic images to catch other twitter users’ attention. In addition to posting content, we also connect with other businesses across the globe in Twitter chats which allow us to learn more about different topics such as: combatting stress, customer acquisition, and more. By participating in these Twitter chats, we are able to share our own thoughts and experience on these topics, as well as learn how other business leaders handle the same scenarios.

Our Facebook account’s purpose is very similar to our Instagram. However, the content posted is a combination of what is posted on Twitter and Instagram. Our Facebook posts are similar to our Instagram posts in that they are mainly images, rather than graphics. Alternatively to Instagram, facebook allows for links to additional content on posts. These links allow us to refer followers to articles on our website where they can learn more about projects or topics discussed in the original Facebook post.

Lastly, our Linkedin account is used mostly for connecting with other professionals in the industry and area. On our Linkedin we post links to articles that are on our website, as well as, word of the day posts. Our hope is that people who see and interact with these posts will learn more about who we are and the skills we utilize in our daily work.

Overall, the goal of our social media is for our clients and the public to be able to better visualize the work that we do. Additionally, we hope our social media makes them feel more connected to us as individuals and our business. We hope that you will follow our social media and join our journey.

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