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The Sanctuary Renovation of St. Patrick’s Church, Chittenango, New York, designed by Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C., allowed the Parish to meet the needs of their community in a vibrant, flexible space suited to the liturgical requirements of a growing parish. The project involved a total redesign of the building’s interior, as well as all the altar furnishings and other design elements.

St. Patrick's Church

Chittenango, New York

The renovated sanctuary included new, specific spaces for music ministry, as well as a Eucharistic Chapel. Also included are vignettes for the stations of the cross, private devotion, and reconciliation. The renovated altar area includes a new baptismal space, located adjacent to the entry. Space is provided above the Eucharistic Chapel for updated sound equipment, to enhance instrumental, choral acoustics and the spoken word.

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