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Architectural Design

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. primary vocation is the practice of Architectural Design. Our design philosophy is based on a “Process” which facilitates a partnership between the owner / end users and the design team. This process is a systematic, orderly approach to design.

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The cornerstone of our philosophy for design is working with our clients to create a family-like relationship between our design team and the client “families”. We ensure that this relationship is based in openness, kindness, and respect, which allows each member of the team to bring their own specific knowledge to bear on the issues facing the team. Our firm has found utilizing “round-table” discussions where each of the key members of the team can openly, and frankly review and discuss issues to be very successful. In this technique a proposed plan of action can be developed, revised as needed, and placed in front of the Owner for their final decision.

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