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The Design Process For Wanderers' Rest

Addressing the architectural needs of our furry friends at Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association.

In January 2020 Keith Berger, Visualization Specialist at Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architect P.C., was looking to add another furry friend into his family. Rather than go to a pet shop he knew he wanted to visit somewhere that treated their animals with the highest quality care and compassion. Keith went over to Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association in Canastota to see if they had any cats that seemed like they would be a good addition to his family. To his excitement he found Norman a tiger cat who seemed perfect.

Four years later, Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. received a call from Wanderers’ Rest looking for assistance from the firm in designing a new building. The Humane Association was struggling because they had outgrown the space they were working in. More than that they wanted help making the place feel more comfortable for the animals and offer better spaces for the community. Given that the TKF Architects, P.C. team has a combined 3 dogs, 8 cats, 1 pig, numerous fish and reptiles living with them, this project seemed like it would be the perfect combination of everyone’s passion for animals and knowledge of architecture.

To begin this project Brian Manning developed a schematic plan. He talked with the team at Wanderers’ Rest to determine what spaces needed to be included in the new design and then worked with the rest of the TKF team to determine the best ways to go about accomplishing those goals. Keith was then able to create some 3D renderings to help the staff and other community members better visualize the project.

Once the designs are drawn up and approved Brian next created an opinion of probable cost which laid out the estimated cost to complete the project. To reach these monetary goals they planned a series of fundraising events. The first of which was a “Cocktails for Paws” fundraiser which Brian Manning and Courtney Stewart attended. At this event Brian and Courtney presented the renderings to the donors and patrons attending the event. The evening was a great success, with a lot of excellent inquiries about the design, and discussion of all the great work that Wander’s Rest does. Brian and Courtney both received many positive comments about the design as well as the level of detail presented.

We are all anxious to see this project progress and look forward to sharing more updates as this project continues.

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