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Projects We Are Looking Forward To In 2024

We have several projects we are excited to start in 2024.

Architectural design is a year round process, however at the beginning of the new year we can’t help but look forward to new projects that are just being started. This year we are particularly happy to have a variety of projects that each have their own unique qualities and opportunities.

In December of 2023, New York Mills Union Free School District overwhelmingly approved their new Capital Project. This project will involve a number of scope areas, focusing on four major elements which include: Auditorium Upgrades & Improvements, Student Bathroom Facilities Renovation, Security Vestibule & Main Entrance Reconstruction and 7-12 Gymnasium Renovation. Now that the public has approved the referendum, it is time for our team to get to work planning and detailing this exciting project. Our team will spend the rest of the winter and into the spring designing and detailing these elements, with submission to NYSED anticipated mid-year. This should lead to approval by NYSED at the beginning of 2025. We are extremely grateful to the voters of New York Mills and are thrilled to get to work on this project!

Another very different project that began at the end of 2023, is a residential project here in Cazenovia. A couple purchased this house built in 1977 and would like Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. to help them with some renovations. What makes this particularly special for us is that this 1977 house was designed by Bob Kent and Jack Teitsch. The local real estate agent was showing the house to the new owners and recognized the style as “typical of Jack and Bob”, so he advised the new owners to get in touch with us for assistance updating the house. The chance to revisit an almost 50 year old design from our firm is a unique opportunity to retain and reinforce the best of what still works as well as update what is needed for the family to be comfortable in their home.

A third project that we are looking forward to completing in the new year is the addition to the Road to Emmaus Ministry building in Syracuse. This project was designed in 2023, reviewed and approved by the City of Syracuse in the late Fall and began construction in the waning weeks of 2023. Construction is continuing now with the framing being completed and roofing in place, allowing the building to be “dried-in” in time for New Years. As we start the new year, fit out and finish will begin and the project is scheduled to be completed in the early spring of 2024. Road to Emmaus will be able to go into the summer continuing to provide vital support services to the community from their nearly doubled facility.

In addition to these projects, Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. is fortunate to be able to provide services to a wide variety of other clients throughout the Central New York area. 2024 looks to be a full and rewarding year, and all of us are grateful to be able to assist so many wonderful people.

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