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Farewell, Cazenovia College

We have been privileged to assist Caz College over the years with professional services for a variety of projects.

The announcement that Cazenovia College decided to close at the end of the Spring 2023 semester came as a shock to all of us in the Cazenovia community. As friends, neighbors, and in Teitsch-Kent-Fay’s case - valued clients, this organization has been an integral part of our home town since 1824 and will be sorely missed.

We have been privileged to assist Caz College over the years with professional services for a variety of projects. In the early 1990’s we provided a campus wide review of all facilities, allowing us to dive deeply into the built fabric of our neighbor. This led to our assistance with a number of small projects that we have been privileged to design. A couple examples of these projects are an accessibility project, which involved the installation of two elevators, and made Old Hubbard, Coleman, Eddy and (most of) Williams Halls accessible.

Beyond this consulting relationship, Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. was delighted when we were selected in the early 2000’s to design the additions and reconstruction project for Jephson Campus Building A. This project took a historically significant building in Cazenovia that was on the brink of dilapidation and stabilized the existing structure, reconstructing it as a venue for the Colleges arts programs. This project was enormously rewarding, and has been more comprehensively covered in a deep-dive in our Project Related Articles section of our website.

One very significant role the college has played in the life of our firm is a continuing series of internships that we have given over several decades. Our most memorable intern was of course our own Courtney Stewart, who interned with us in 2007. This successful relationship continued after her internship, resulting in part time employment while she completed her education, and eventually led to full time employment with Courtney now a vital part of our office family. We have been privileged to work with a total of eight Caz College students as interns. Each of these individuals have brought their own special skills and enthusiasm to our office.

We have also enjoyed a number of vocational interactions with the College over the years. Both Bob Kent and Brian Manning, as well as several other employees have enjoyed serving as guest jurors for design studio reviews. A number of our employees, most recently Courtney Stewart have also served as adjunct faculty for the interior design program.

We have truly enjoyed assisting and working with Cazenovia College over the years. Learn more about our work with Cazenovia College with the other articles on our website.

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