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Deep Dive: Tuttle Camp

Brian has been working closely with the family on the reconstruction of this “legacy property”. Construction has begun, and is expected to continue through the Fall.

This property originally consisted of a camp structure that was constructed by the current owner’s grandparents. Set on a beautiful site along Cazenovia Lake, several generations grew up enjoying their summers on the lake. A vast wealth of memories are connected to this location, and the current owners were determined to make improvements to maintain all of the magic of the place, while incorporating features to accommodate the families growing needs, and ensure that the property continues to be cherished by future generations.

The new design will maintain the “footprint” of the original camp, and provide a seasonal wing reflecting the heritage of the original camp building. A two story wing at one end will provide year-round accommodations, and allow the property to be used throughout the year rather than just seasonally.

Construction has begun, the foundations are complete, floor decking is in place, and walls are currently being installed. The new structure will have upgraded fenestration to continue to take full advantage of the views to the lake, and the surrounding wooded area. Radiant heating, improved electrical systems, and enhanced kitchen/support spaces will all assist in making this property a destination that the family will continue to treasure for many years.

Project Gallery

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