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Deep Dive: Brewster Inn

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. is pleased to have a professional relationship with our Cazenovia neighbor, the Brewster Inn, for several decades.

This historic structure, originally constructed in 1890 by Benjamin Brewster, provides fine dining and accommodations in our home community of Cazenovia.

Mr. Hubbard, then owner/proprietor of Brewster Inn, and Bob Kent, one of the founders of our firm, had been neighbors for quite some time. In 1992 they got the opportunity to collaborate together professionally on the Brewster Inn renovation/reconstruction of the former Carriage House building, to the west of the main mansion. The design involved careful design and planning to incorporate the existing architectural and structural elements of the carriage house into the new guest accommodation. This preserved the essence of the old building while allowing it to function in its new capacity as well as with a sense of fun.

In 1997, Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. and the Brewster Inn worked closely together to design and construct the “Tavern Addition”, the original bar room having been far too small to allow the sort of functions and gatherings desired. The curved addition, along with its associated terrace and accessible ramp/entry, takes full advantage of the wonderful views of Cazenovia Lake, and greatly enlarges the available tavern space. Shortly after completion of the Tavern addition, we were pleased to assist with the planning and design of the Wine Cellar, which has allowed for a number of wine tastings and other wine related events..

Our work with Brewster Inn continues. Throughout the first decade of this century we have worked with the Brewster Inn team to develop exterior features such as the dock facilities that allow boaters to access the Inn directly from the lake. Last year, we were pleased to assist in the construction of accessible toilet facilities located adjacent to the outdoor dining area. These are extremely helpful for patrons approaching from the docks who need to use the restroom without having to enter the establishment. In addition, we have designed the Entry Desk to better assist visitors and guests. Currently we are working on a number of improvements to the existing dining rooms such as improving the transparency to emphasize the views of the lake, while also allowing two separate spaces to be combined more effectively to allow for larger parties.

This long term relationship has been rewarding both personally and professionally. Professionally it is fulfilling to work on such a beautiful jewel of an historic building, and personally, it is a joy to work with our neighbors here in Caz, to develop solutions that help them provide better hospitality services to their patrons.

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