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Deep Dive: Berger Residence

In the end, a new family home rose from the ashes and now, some five years after this devastating loss,

Our dear friend and colleague Keith Berger experienced a devastating loss when his barn-conversion house burned several years ago. Keith was working with us in the office the evening that the fire broke out, and returning home with his daughter found the emergency crews on site. Despite their best efforts the structure was a complete loss. The kindness and compassion of the Cazenovia and Central New York community was able to rally to their aid, and temporary quarters were acquired, as well as many of the necessities needed. Keith’s and his daughter’s resilience throughout this incredibly difficult time, and his ability to move forward in spite of this adversity, was an inspiration.

During a conversation with Brian Manning, they discussed how Keith intended to proceed. Determined to continue to live on the land and in the community that he loves, Keith indicated that he intended to re-build. Brian immediately reminded him that he was an integral part of our Architectural Firm and offered whatever support and assistance we could provide to help him realize his vision.

Over the next few months we all pitched in as Keith drew up the plans for his new house. Municipal reviews and approvals were obtained, and contractors were invited to provide quotes for the project. In the end, a new family home rose from the ashes and now, some five years after this devastating loss, Keith is happily residing in his new, bespoke residence, enjoying the property he has loved for so long, and continuing to be an essential part of who we are and what we do here at Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C.

Included are a few photos of the new house, as well as some of the inspiring views from the property. We wish Keith many years of happiness in his new house, and look forward to continuing our professional relationship as well as his continued collaboration and fellowship.

Project Gallery

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