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Bob Kent's First Project

This early example is an intricately detailed gem that captures the time in which it was designed while still maintaining a timeless quality of good design.

Bob Kent joined the firm as a business partner with Jack in 1976. He assisted on a number of projects that Jack was working on. However, one of the first elaborate design projects Bob worked on by himself for the firm was the design of the Nolan Residence on Cazenovia Lake.

A Doctor and his family wanted to make improvements to their existing home on the west side of Cazenovia Lake. They hoped that extensive renovations and a new addition to the existing house would help to better engage the lake.

The lower level of the new addition includes recreational spaces such as a ping-pong room and a secondary kitchen space adjacent to the lakefront. The new upper level includes a recreation room, a game room, new kitchen and breakfast room, as well as a multi-sided fireplace designed to create a spatial separation while maintaining the openness of the plan.

Where do they go if they need a place to watch the sunrise over the lake? The entire new addition is focused on and encircled by a multi level deck/terrace that looks out at the lake views. This deck/terrace includes a circular staircase connecting the two primary levels as well as planter boxes built into the railing on the upper level; this extended the garden from the grade level (where the backyard extends to the lake) to the upper level of the residence.

The new addition involved extensive re-framing of the existing roof structure to integrate the new roof with the existing structure. This allowed the new spaces created to have unobstructed views to the east, toward the lake. The existing garage also received an addition to the east for separate boat storage.

The overall effect is a wonderfully open design that enthusiastically embraces the design aesthetic of the 1970’s, from the vivid colors, to the articulate fixtures, this space captures the excitement of the contemporary design with the comfort and proportions of more traditional design. Bob assisted the family in selection of specific floor wall and ceiling finishes, interior light fixtures, and even furnishings. The project also included a number of bespoke items, such as the aforementioned open fireplace, and multi level deck/terrace.Subsequent work with this family involved the installation of a wine cellar, with a tasting area. Bob always fondly remembered that the details of the cellar included a hand crafted lock and key mechanism, designed and built by a local metalsmith.

Maybe a final statement on what this project did for the family. What residential projects mean to you guys as architects. While Bob Kent retired eight years ago, the current Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. team is eager to assist you in creating your own dream house.

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