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A Year In Review

2022 turned out to be a fun year filled with interesting projects involving both old friends as well as new clients.

One of our returning favorite clients this year is Sharon Springs Central School District. The District’s 4.6 million dollar referendum to replace roofs, create a new physical therapy room, enhance the Guidance Counselor's office, remove asbestos containing materials in the Elementary School and reconstruct the main soccer field. This project was approved by the voters in May, and our team worked on it all through the summer. It was then submitted to the New York State Education Department Office of Facilities Planning for review this Fall, and we look forward to approval early in 2023.

Another “old friend” we have had the opportunity to work with again is Road to Emmaus Ministry. Sheila Austin, RN, President and Director and her team provide incredible services to those in need in the City of Syracuse. In order to better serve their clients they are looking at a potential expansion project that would double the size of their existing Glen Avenue site. We have been developing this expansion project for the last few months, and are currently assisting the Diocesean Construction Team in developing a budget for the work. This project has also given us the chance to re-new our working relationships with the Codes and Planning Departments at the City of Syracuse. It is such an honor, in our small way, to be able to assist this amazing organization in being able to fulfill its ministry to serve those in need.

Among the new friends we have met in 2022 are Oswego County Outreach who are planning an expansion project to double the size of their existing social services facility at their George St. site in Oswego. We also have begun assisting the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities with accessibility projects at two of their sites. Late in the year we were pleased to be able to assist YAI: Seeing Beyond Disability Company with a survey of a building under consideration for one of their residential facilities. Each of these organizations provide vital services to their communities, and much like the Emmaus project it is an honor to be able to provide services that will make it easier for them to accomplish their missions.

All in all, 2022 was a terrific year. While it has been a “return to normal” that should not be misunderstood to be a pejorative phrase. We have spent a joy filled year, being extremely privileged to explore the vocations that we love, rekindling old friendships, and being able to meet new friends.

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