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Sherburne Public Library

The new addition was designed and oriented so that it did not detract from this jewel of Gothic Revival architecture, which occupies its own park in the center of the Village of Sherburne. Minimizing the impact of construction on both the building and its surroundings was a primary concern.

On the upper level, the addition enabled the reorientation of the circulation desk in the adult reading area, so that library staff can easily monitor both wings of the building.  The project also improved sight lines in the naturally-lit, spacious interior, preserved the historic integrity of the building, and created new reading areas.

The design of the addition, and the materials selected, harmonized with and complemented the original facility.

The design process by Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects began with a Program Study and Historic Building Survey.

These tools allowed the owner to decide to build an addition to the east of the existing historic building consisting of a handicapped accessible entry and accessible restroom facilities.  The new entry functions as the new main entrance to the library, allowing handicapped entry and access to all levels of the facility

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