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Cazenovia Library New Building


  • New addition designed for 34,000 volumes plus expansion

  • New Addition 

    • Main Floor 5000 SF

    • Lower Level 4760 SF

  • Lower Level 2300 SF Community Room

  • Upon completion of the new facility circulation immediately increased by 20%

  • Gallery Link connecting to Historic Building

  • Existing building renovated for Museum, Local History, and Private Learning

The Cazenovia Public Library as designed by Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects combines the best of the library’s heritage with a state of the art facility for the future.  The existing 1821 house is now used for periodical, private reading, and gallery space.  The new Addition fits the tightly constrained site and includes clerestory natural lighting, entry at both site levels, and a sense of individual space complementary of the spaces in the earlier building.

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Cazenovia Barn Reconstruction

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. assisted Cazenovia Public Library with the reprogramming and reconstruction of the existing historic barn structure.  This space represented the greatest amount of underutilized square footage on the Library Property.  The building was “brought on-line” to serve the needs of the Library’s Patrons


  • Conversion of the lower level including:

    • Digging out existing basement area to create enough headroom for library activities

    • Dewatering / Waterproofing / Dehumidification of the extremely wet existing conditions

    • “Build-out” conversion of original un-inhabitable basement to comfortable program spaces including:

      • Meeting Rooms

      • Tutoring Spaces

      • Support spaces

  • Reconstruction of Main Floor Level to “Bookstore” Facility

    • Maintained former horse stalls as “reading nooks”

    • Preserved as much of historic fabric of existing interior to maintain the buildings history and integrity

    • New insulation envelope and mechanical system to provide year round use of the space.


Cazenovia Library Porch Restoration

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. assisted Cazenovia Public Library with the reconstruction of the entry columns and porches to their Historic Library Building


  • Reconstruction of existing Porch Decks with compatible materials to suit Historic Conditions

  • Reconstruction of monumental columns.  This involved carefully coordinated “Dutchman” repairs to maintain as much of the historic material as possible

  • Review and coordination of structural support for porch surfaces and column  bases

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