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Cazenovia Family Health Center

The Health Care Clinic portion of this project is located in the main gabled part of the building. The waiting room and lobby have a series of large windows that take advantage of the view over the entire valley. The program for this facility consists of the following:

• Six exam rooms.

• Two health care provider offices.

• Nurses’ station with x-ray facility, laboratory, and records room.

• Business Office, waiting room and ancillary spaces.

The Cazenovia Family Health Center project consisted of designing a new facility for Community Memorial Hospital, Hamilton, New York. This project, designed by Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C., consists of two primary uses, a Health Care Clinic, and Adult Day Care Facility. Both of these have their own specific space requirements and both can be operated separately and securely from the other.

Caz family health drawing.jpg

The Adult Day Care Facility provides:

• Eight hundred square feet of social activity and dining space, with a solarium.

• Four hundred square feet of physical therapy space.

• Staff prep, office and exam space.

• Private space for interviews and counseling.

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