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Fauth Residence


  • Major living space addition to existing residence

  • New design to incorporate existing elements, while providing new, volumetric space in living areas

  • Specific design intentions to coordinate new building with existing landscape elements and allow the house to “live in the trees”

  • New siding design to emphasize the wooded qualities of the site

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. designed a house to fit within a spectacular grove of trees.  The use of stone, both in the landscaping and the elevation “grounds” the building in this magnificent environment, and the intricate development of roofing elements allows the essentially horizontal floor plan layout to emphasize and harmonize with the vertical qualities of the site.  The siding selections / orientations, and deck elements also enhance the vertical qualities.  Design and construction were very carefully planned to preserve as many trees as possible, and integrate them within the design composition.

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