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 Jephson Campus Building A, Cazenovia, New York

The primary design features include:

  • Welding Shop

  • Glass / Metals Shop

  • Wood Shop

  • Ceramics / 3D Studio

  • Drawing Studio

  • 2D Studio / Advanced Studio

  • Seminar Room

  • 5 Faculty Offices

  • Gallery / Exhibit Space

  • Handicapped Accessible support spaces

Cazenovia College – Eckel Hall –McDonald Lecture Hall

The primary new design features include:

  • New Modern Fixed Seats

  • Center Egress Aisle

  • Integrated Technology

  • Improved ADA Accessibility

  • Upgraded finishes

  • Enhanced Entry Lobby to Enter Lecture Hall

  • New programmable LED lighting

  • Handicapped Accessible support spaces

Shove Suites Elevator Reconstruction

3 concepts were developed:

  • Install replacement elevator (by same manufacturer)

  • Reconstruct existing shaft (with new unit by different manufacturer)

  • Install new infrastructure  and upgrade required code safety elements


The college selected the option best suited their schedule and budget, and the project was successfully completed during the Spring/Summer of 2020 (during COVID Pause), ahead of schedule and under budget


This project did not generate any Change Orders and did not interrupt College / Student activities.

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