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Brewster Inn - Additions and Renovations

The Bar Room Addition project involved replacing the existing bar with a new facility. The existing bar was quite small, and interfered with the circulation patterns from the kitchen area.

The renovation of the Carriage House involved converting the existing building into hotel rooms, almost doubling the capacity of the facility. This building had been previously converted to apartments, and required an entire redesign to meet the clients needs, as well as to bring the level of quality up to the standard of the rest of the property

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C., has been providing design services for the Brewster Inn, in Cazenovia, New York for many years.


The scope of work has varied from larger projects such as the Bar Room Addition, and the renovation of the Carriage House into room, to smaller alteration projects such as upgrades to the existing rooms.

brewster inn drawing.jpg
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