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Motherhouse Chapel Renovations, Syracuse, New York

In addition to the new Shrine, the Altar table and Ambo have been moved back, allowing the Shrine to have a strong axial orientation to the public entrance. The tabernacle has been relocated to a newly designed Altar of Repose, under the existing baldachin to emphasize the strong axis from the Motherhouse into the Chapel.

The primary reason for the renovations to the St. Anthony Motherhouse Chapel, designed by Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. was to create a new shrine for the reliquary of Saint Marianne Cope, and make the reliquary more accessible. Since Saint Marianne Cope’s reliquary was placed in the Chapel the space has been used by those who wish to visit the reliquary as well as for Mass, and private reflection. This project re-organized the space to allow each of these functions the dignity and focus that they require.

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