Colgate University Administration Building

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects P.C. reviewed the existing space usage, and reconfigured these two floors to provide a more workable office environment. A more appropriate entry sequence was created, with a reception and waiting area. Additionally, related office functions were grouped together to enhance efficiency and allow resources to be shared between departments.

Colgate University Chapel “Green Room” Renovation

This space required particular attention be paid to acoustic treatments, and lighting design, to provide a comfortable environment for preparation and warm-up functions.


Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects P.C. designed the space to accommodate a variety of group sizes as well as a variety of performance types.


Conference and gathering spaces allow groups other than the performers to use the space as well, providing the University with an extremely flexible space.


Additionally, a “daily chapel” space was developed. This space provides a different scale and intimacy from the larger chapel space above, and can be used for small services as well as private devotion.

Student Union

Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. blended old and new finishes throughout the building. Colgate University desired the building’s physical appearance to be upgraded in keeping with its traditional character. Consequently, interior renovations reflected a traditional image with refinished oak and stone, while recessed ceilings, indirect lighting and window walls gave the building a fresh, vital look.

Another design challenge presented to Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, P.C. was the required addition of a stair tower to the building’s south wing. The three-story structure needed to meet fire codes, demanded an architectural design compatible with the existing building. Blue-cove Ashlar stonework, consistent architectural styling and a connecting glass passageway worked together to achieve successful building unity.

Student Housing

The proposed Student Housing Project, as designed by TeitschKent-Fay Architects P.C., was based on the concept of Living Unit Suites, rather than the traditional dormitory design style. The buildings proposed were designed to exist harmoniously with the architecture of the existing student housing buildings nearby. Coordination of this complex with the existing structures and the topography of the site was of paramount interest to the University, and it was vital that the new work be a continuation of the University’s masterplan.

Haskel Hall

The scope of the project was to restore the exterior of the building and convert the interior to provide faculty and secretarial offices, two seminar rooms, a common area, a library and associated support areas. This task was complicated by the presence of columns and vertical support members on the first floor, the need to provide a relatively large number of offices within limited space, the desire to use natural light to the maximum extent possible, and the constraint of an extremely limited budget.

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